We have all been in Corporate organisations who gift their employees throughout the year, having received that mug filled with jellies, that refillable water bottle, now I ask you where are all these items; you guessed it gathering dust in their office drawer. Now imagine a gift that not only will promote productiveness in your organisation but will also have a positive effect on the employee's mood, perhaps calming or uplifting and helping them focus better on tasks, De stressing before an important presentation. Giving them a lift when they are a little lethargic, we can all relate to that 3pm slump these days.



This range of nifty usb devices are so discreet, you can fit it in your pocket and you can set your diffusion at intervals so the scent is subtle and not at all overpowering,  perfect for any office, home use and travel. Take a scent that reminds you of "home" and plug it in while you travel with work. One thing I know for sure is that your employees will be raving about such an interesting and useful gift, not only will they feel valued as their health and wellness is the driver for this gift, but its so portable they can use it anywhere not just in the office plus they can change the oils to suit their mood throughout the year. Gold!!

We even customise...

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 14.09.52.png


Do you want your company logo on the USB Diffuser not a problem, please Contact us. We offer excellent Corporate Rates which are Too Good to Miss!